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Welcome to Institute of Computing!

At Institute of Computing, we are striving to enhance your child's education through the emerging new subject, Computing. Not only is it fun and enjoyable but at the same time, it allows children the opportunity to build skills not only in computing but in subjects across the whole curriculum i.e. Maths, Literacy, Science, Art etc.

On joining the Institute of Computing, all new members receive a starter pack which consists of a 2GB IoC USB flash drive, IoC lanyard, Computing and cross curricular resources, IoC programme, magpie/log books, certificates and more, all courtesy of IoC.

Children are using programs such as 'Kodu' and 'Scratch' to build and develop their own games and programs. 'Purple Mash' is also a very popular program children enjoy using to code, debug and program. At the same time we ensure pupils are reminded and taught the importance of being e-safe when using the internet and playing games online.

Here at the Institute of Computing we provide services to meet your children’s growing needs. There are a range of classes on offer, please contact us for any further details or information.

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